The reason why economics has been one of the most important disciplines throughout history in all cultures and countries is that economic events are effective in the very capillary vessels of life. In this millennium, the world population has already exceeded 7 billion resulting in global competition being on the rise with extreme impact on life. Almost everything that affects people directly has become a function of economical facilities.
In this respect, Nile’s Department of Economics has three main missions, one of which is to provide high-quality contemporary education to meet the needs of individuals as well as firms and institutions. This educational program includes the use of international standard course programs and materials.
The second objective of Economics Department is to produce comprehensive, appropriate and applicable solutions for the real life problems by implementing theoretical knowledge through practical research. The academic staff and research facilities of the department put it in an assertive position in academic matters as well as in carrying out research projects. In addition to the undergraduate and graduate programs of the Economics Department, international agreements provide cooperation with other departments/universities, which as a result enriches educational qualities of the department.
The third mission of the Economics Department is to develop cooperation between the universities all over the world and contribute to the universal peace by increasing dialogues between the cultures, societies, and countries.